Top 5 Impressive Web Design Techniques That You Can’t Ignore

While complex web design techniques can add a lot of depth to designs, when used badly they can distract you from your intended purpose. When it comes to web design, it’s important to use simple effects which are the building blocks. Here are some of the most impressive website techniques by Graeme Winchester and the web design pros at this market research agency that you need to use if you want to give yourself the best chance of success.

1. Always add some contrast

Although adding contrasts is one of the most underused and overlooked techniques, it’s perhaps one of the best. Start by using high contrast lines that can make it easy for visitors to differentiate between different parts of a page. The idea is not for people to identify the contrast but rather highlight features that are already there and to naturally capture their attention to important items.

2. Use color well

Laura Mason runs the website for this personal trainer manchester business and this vertikal heizkörper store and notes “While applying color properly can be a bit challenging, it’s easy to spend a bit of time shading your website. If you use the color well you will be able to attract your visitors right away. Since trying to apply more colors in one web design might overwhelm your users, stick to 4 simple color patterns unless you are really confident that the design will require more color.”

3. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Nina Anderson runs the website for these concrete contractors and this turkey gift retailer and notes “Instead of sending your visitors to a wild goose hunt when browsing through your website, make it easy to navigate. If your site has a solid navigation, you will not only improve your viewers’ experience but also help the search engines to index your content.”

4. Imperfection

Mary Kate-Masterson runs the websites for this medical spa milwaukee clinic and JEM medspa and recommends “Anyone who has used a machine for short time believes that they are not perfect but from the perspective of web design, they can produce perfect results. If you want to give your work a unique touch, make things look dirty, old, and imperfect. By successfully adding imperfections and artifacts to a web design, you will easily make things look good. Start by changing things to sepia or grayscale and then gradually move from there.”

5. Keep the home page free of clutter

In most instances, we do not go through every word. It’s, therefore, very important to capture the emotions instead of adding the number of words. The less a visitor has to click, read and remember, the much better they’ll evaluate what’s taking place. Although the call for actions and texts are important, ensure that you split them up into legible paragraphs and larger subheadings.